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Listserv Q&A

  • Sana Network, in addition to being an online healthcare provider directory, is a provider networking group. A listserv is a group email that members are able to send emails to the entire group/listserv and receive from emails from other members on that same group/listserv.
  • Listservs are title by airport codes, thus select a listserv that has the airport code nearest to your city.
  • Please email to request a specific listserv to be added to the list. It’s relatively simple to add them, so let us know.
  • Simply go to your account settings and subscribed to the desired provider listserv in your area. Please make sure to only choose the provider listserv in your area, otherwise you will start receiving emails from other areas.
  • Currently, the Sana Network provider Listserv comprises of not only therapists and psychologists but also pediatricians, psychiatrists, naturalpathic providers, life coaches, and other allied providers/healers.
  • Although, there are no monthly/annual membership dues to be apart of the Sana Network provider listserv, we kindly ask that all members support the cost of operating the listserv by donating $25-100 per calendar year.
  • To use the list, simply type the name of your provider listserv such as in your address field, send and your email will be received by all members of that particular listserv. Note that SAZproviders uses a account instead of a sananetwork email account.
  • Currently there are over 460 active members!
      • Do request referrals! 
      • Do put payment method (BCBS, Self Pay, etc) in the subject of email when requesting referrals so emails can be scanned for relevance easier. 
      • Do respond directly to individual when inquiring about promotional events, referral, specific questions asked of you, etc. 
      • Do Include your professional signature, including name, credentials, title, email, phone, business name, business address, etc.
      • Do send thank you emails to the individuals who respond to referral requests not the entire list.
      • Do email individuals directly (rather than “reply all”) when you want the same info being they already requested in original email. Please, reply to original sender directly and ask them to share info with you.
      • Don’t “reply all” to SAZTherapists when responding, but solely to the original sender. 
      • Don’t disclose the email address of any member on this list to any other party without the permission of the individual. 
      • Don’t share any patient health information (any client information; PHI) when making referrals to be mindful of HIPPA regulations. 
      • Don’t castigate listserv members by sending them a reprimand email when they don’t follow these guidelines.
  • Please opt-out by clicking on “unsubscribe” located on the bottom of every listserv email or unsubscribe by going to your account settings.
  • Please feel free to send introductions of a new practice/agency, workshops or other conference info, questions about ethics or professional practice, request for referrals/resources. However, when replying to such emails please be mindful to reply directly to the send not the entire list (don’t “reply all”). 
  • Please know that the sender should receive a copy of the email they sent, so please check your spam/junk folder and make sure you sent it to the correct listserv email address. 
  • About 4 times per year or once quarterly.
  • Venue and food are paid by Sana Network via donations collected from members and by sponsors.
  • Please visit our sponsor page to learn more about sponsoring or contact Yoendry Torres directly at and write sponsor meet & greet in email subject.
  • There are a couple of reasons why one might not get/see/receive listserv emails. First, please check your account settings and make sure you are indeed subscribed to the listserv. Secondly, if you are subscribed, check your spam/junk folder and then whitelist the listserv email address to make sure if goes to your inbox in the future.

Directory Q&A

The directory is setup so that only profiles with profile photos are displayed in public searches. Thus, to have your profile searchable by public go to “My Profile” page (link is dropdown from “Providers” link in top menu) and click edit to add a profile photo. 

The directory feature is turned off for student members because they are not licensed to provide clinical services independently but are welcomed to take advantage of the vast knowledge shared by other providers on the listserv.

Make sure you are logged into Sana Network and then click on the “Providers” menu link and select “My Profile.” Once on your profile page, click edit (clog icon) to make edits to your profile.

Yes, both emails and phone numbers will be visible publicly. Please make sure to use work/business number to avoid receiving calls to your personal accounts.

To make your profile private, please make sure that you are logged into Sana Network and click on “Providers” link in main menu and then select “Account Settings.” Once in account settings page, scroll down until you see the “Privacy” tab on the left side of page and click on it. I drop down question”Who can send me private messages?” will pop up. Select “Nobody” and click “Update Privacy” to hide hide your profile from public searches.

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