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Lindsey Parsons

Reversing Autoimmune Disease Naturally

If you’re suffering from an autoimmune disease, you’re not the only one, but fortunately, there is hope! Over the last 50 years, autoimmunity has increase threefold, with around 50 million

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Lisa Bjornstad

Forgiveness–A Gift To Yourself

  Forgiveness—A Gift To Yourself Have you ever heard anyone say these words—or have you said them yourself? “I’ll never forgive him for that!” Anyone who expresses this sentiment generally

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Lisa Bjornstad

Are You In A Toxic Situation?

“Toxic” has become a cliché in recent years. Toxic relationships. Toxic workplaces. Toxic friendships. Toxic masculinity. In fact, “toxic” was the 2018 Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the year. But despite

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Lisa Bjornstad

A Tiny, Life-changing Word

Timmy dreaded what was about to happen. The children in Mrs. Bennet’s third-grade class were taking turns reading aloud short paragraphs from a story. As it came closer to his

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